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3 Common Smartphone Damages That Require Professional Repairs

Day by day, our reliance on our smartphones is increasing. With everything going digital in the pandemic, the slightest bug in our phones sends us into a frenzy and a frantic Google search, hoping to find remedies.

While restarting your phone or storing it in rice can often fix smaller issues, some smartphone bugs need professional intervention. Here are some problems that you require professional repair and should definitely visit a mobile service center to fix!

Common Damage 1Phone Screen Damage

Most phones nowadays are made of high-quality glass; however, sudden impact from high altitudes can lead to broken phone screens.

Screen damage can lead to damage through cracks or internal software problems, which can cause screen blackouts.

Phone screen damage is not only an eyesore but can also expose you to cuts on your fingers or even radiation, which can cause cancer or other health concerns.

It could also be a fire hazard since the irregular output increases the chances of your phone heating up.

Additionally, unchanged phone screens can crack further and cause more damage. Fixing a broken phone screen immediately will stop further problems from occurring.

Common Damage 2Charging Port Damage

One of the most used parts of your mobile phone is your charging port. Many people charge their phones two to three times a day.

Charging ports are susceptible to dirt and dust, and the slightest debris build-up can make charging your phone a struggle.

If you find yourself twisting and turning your charger plug into your phone’s port, you’re dealing with a faulty charging port.

Internal damages can be a leading cause, although sometimes the culprit can be something as simple as dirt stuck inside the phone’s port.

The best way to find out the problem is to have a professional look at your device and assess the damage. The sooner the issue is resolved, the easier charging your phone would be!

Common Damage 3Crashed System

The black screen of doom is a sign of panic for many smartphone users. The logo flashing with no sign of your phone starting up can leave you with a phone that’s absolutely useless!

A system overload through a virus or third-party apps can leave you with a system crash that you can’t evade. No number of restarts will bring your phone back to life, as viruses aren’t easy to remove. The best remedy is installing an anti-virus software.

However, if it’s too late, your best bet is to take your phone to a professional. Not only can they bring your phone back to life, but they can also save all your data from being wiped off!

You might be saving money for the time being by opting for quick solutions, but taking your phone to an expert mobile service center will ensure you don’t have to deal with hefty repair charges in the future. Get in touch with us at Qatar Mobile today to avail smartphone repair services in Qatar.


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