Breaking the screen can reduce your apple phones price

5 Benefits of Using Original Parts When Getting An iPhone Repaired

Believe it or not, cracked phones are a common issue that people often struggle with.. Having already paid a premium for the device compared to its competitors, you may not want to shell out more for original parts.

But it’s worth it to do so. Here’s why:

1. You Still Get the Intended Experience

Smartphones are made with a lot of care and consideration, and their parts are finalized after spending millions in R&D. The entire experience depends on the authenticity of those parts.

If you replace the screen with, say, an unoriginal one, you’ll notice that the response isn’t as seamless, the display results aren’t as good.

2. It Retains the Resell Value

If you ever decide to sell your phone, the condition and quality of the phone determine the price. Suppose someone is about to purchase your phone but then finds out that the camera isn’t original, your Apple phones’ price will instantly drop by a significant margin.

However, if the parts used are original, then you won’t have a problem since the device still functions as it’s supposed to. It may even get you a higher price since the part is new.

3. The Device Can Tell

In 2019, Apple added a feature to their phones whereby the phone can tell if a part installed is unoriginal and warn users accordingly.

The warning will appear as a notification initially and then move to the settings menu after four days.

This is present in all their products from 2019 onwards, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

4. An Unoriginal Part May Not Help

You cannot be sure about the quality of unoriginal parts. With the iPhone’s battery health feature, you can determine the condition of the battery. It’s recommended to replace the battery once it dips below 80%.

However, if the new battery is unoriginal, it may not give you the performance boost you were hoping for, and make matters even worse.

It’s better to opt for an original Apple battery and get at least two years of good battery life from your phone.

5.      It Ensures Safety

Replacement with unoriginal parts can be hazardous. Apple has also warned its users about these hazards, explaining that loose screws or parts can damage the phone and cause overheating, leading to an injury.

Since smartphones are sensitive devices, don’t invite risk by using parts that haven’t gone through the proper QA processes.

Get Your Device Repaired With Original Parts In Qatar

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