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5 Damages That Call For a Phone Repair

Since mobiles are machines, they’re prone to crashes, viruses, and other damages over time. Here’s a list of the most common damages that signal your phone needs to be repaired.

Broken Phone Screen

Most phone users across the world have experienced this issue at least once in their lifetime. Accidental falls, sitting with a phone in your back pocket, and keeping the phone with metal keys are likely to cause screen damage.

Look for the possible solutions of repair rather than wasting time over regretting it. Check for your phone’s warranty or insurance provided by the manufacturer. Some phone brands offer screen protection under their warranty.

The most feasible repair option for a broken screen is getting it replaced at a reliable repair center. You can also visit your brand’s authorized service center.     

Charging Port Issue

If you identify slow or no charging in your phone, your charging port may be faulty. If the small metal conductor in the USB port fails to connect with your charging cable, there may be dust or debris blocking the power supply to the device.

There might as well be corrosion in your phone or hardware damage if you dropped the device earlier.

Clean the charging port using soft cotton and adjust the pin gently to the center. However, if the problem persists, visit your nearest service center.

Water Damage

Water damage may cause irreversible issues in your smartphone. If you’ve spilled any fluid on your phone or accidentally dipped it in water, you may experience distorted sounds.

The essential phone functions cease entirely. All the circuits, resistors, and capacitors are affected due to moisture. As a result, your phone may fail to charge.

Pool water containing chlorine can erode the protective gaskets of your device, while seawater can cause corrosion. Though freshwater contains no chemicals, it can short-circuit your phone.

Malfunctioning Speaker

If the sounds coming from your phone speaker are distorted or have a low volume, there may be a software issue. When the phone sends the wrong signals to the speaker, it stops working.

Examine the headphone output and check the speaker settings. If none of these methods works, or you hear a buzzing sound, you need to get your phone repaired.

Phone Overheating

Heat in your phone is generated by three components – battery, CPU, and screen. Minor short-term heating is normal, especially if you have been using it for a long time.

However, if the phone gets hotter than usual, there is likely to be excessive pressure on any of the above-mentioned components, a problem in the software, or a hardware fault. Liquids entering your phone is another reason for it overheating.   

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