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A Quick Guide To Deep-Cleaning & Decluttering Your Phone

Spring is here, and it’s time for the annual spring clean. While your home and wardrobe might be on your must-clean list, many people tend to forget to declutter the one thing they constantly use; their smartphones!

Yes, your smartphone is also in need of some deep cleaning this spring. Not sure how to do it? Here are some tips that will help you keep the clutter off your phone.

Delete Unused Apps

We all have downloaded apps in the spur of the moment, which we never found a use for later. These apps can be taking up unnecessary space in your phone, hogging on your phone memory, and affecting its overall performance.

Sift through all of your mobile applications. You’re bound to find one or two that you don’t need.

The best thing to do is delete them and free up space for more essential apps to run faster. Not only will you be removing clutter, but also giving your smartphone a much-needed performance boost.

Use Cloud Storage

The best thing about technology is that you no longer have to rely on clunky, hard drives to save all your data.

Not only do hard drives take up space, but they also run the risk of getting lost or damaged. The most secure way to store important documents, videos, and pictures are on the cloud!

Images and videos can take up most of your storage space, so moving them to a more secure platform not only ensures their safety but it leaves you with more space to capture new memories.

Google Photos and iCloud offer free cloud storage for users, and the premium for more storage allowance is a very small price to pay!

Clean Up The Mess

Now that the inside of your smartphone is clean, it’s time to look at your smartphone’s condition from the outside. Prolonged use can lead to scratches, smudges, and cracks on your phone that look unsightly.

Additionally, debris can settle into cracks and cause your phone to overheat or, worse, shut down!

The easiest way to get your phone looking brand new is to wipe it down with a cleaning solution after taking your phone case off.

Wipe it down thoroughly with a damp cloth and let it dry. For extra precaution, put on a new phone case, and you’re good to go!

However, if your phone has a cracked screen, it’s best to get that replaced by a licensed technician. Doing so at home can worsen the damage to your smartphone.

At Qatar Mobile, we can fix your broken screen with original parts straight from the manufacturer!

We are an authorized phone service center in Qatar that provides pick-up services so you can rest easy and have us take care of your phone troubles. Contact us today or check out our list of services!


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