Naserallah Commercial Centre, Near Jaidah Bridge,Doha

Working smart since 1994

Established in 1994, Qatar Mobile can boast of being one of the first Tech distributors and mobile service center to begin operation in Doha, Qatar. Today, after 26 years of operation, we have reached a landmark that many other's failed in and we can boast that all the experience we've gained, combines with our drive to succeed to make us one of the best Tech distributors and mobile service centers in Doha , Qatar at large.

For over half a century; Arabian Construction Engineering Company (ACEC) has played a key role in Qatar’s development journey; as a family owned group of companies that manifested in 1967 with a bespoke portfolio and ventures. ACEC is widely recognized as one of Qatar’s most dynamic group of companies, from traditional business to newfound innovations, following our vision to develop Qatar’s various sectors, skillset and standards. Having survived years of unparalleled service provision, Qatar mobile has today become an authorized service center for Samsung, Vodafone, and Apple iPhones.We are key distributor to most of the big box retailers in Qatar, helping them reach their desired market in Qatar. We also handle VIP repairs, home visits, and door delivery, so you can trust that whatever your need, we can handle it with the greatest level of expertise.

Sound Business Model with a hawk eye vision .

Mission & Vision

As a company that is founded on the very essence of serving people, we've set our vision in the direction of always exposing Qatar to top global brand names and bringing exceptional before and after sales support in ways that will be beneficial to all of our customers.

Here at Qatar Mobile, we are absolutely ready to grow our operation beyond the bounds and invest in successful brands. For 25 years now, we've been able to partner with top brands in the mobile and tech industry, working with them all along as the best partners they could ever dream of. We greatly value long term relationship, both with clients and our partners; hence we work wholeheartedly towards helping our partners grow in every way possible for them. We recognize the potentials inherent in the telecommunication industry and we want to position ourselves where we can help bring the continuous development that the industry promises to Qatar.

Our Business Strategy

Our business strategy as a tech distributors mobile service center depends highly on product quality, brand focus, product positioning, and after sale services. Going forward, Qatar Mobile intends to invest in growing different sectors, including education, health care, Gas & oil, and B2B business solutions where mobility will play a vital role in increasing productivity and efficiency.

Qatar Mobile is already investing a lot into building on its reputation as a solid stable partner that will provide technology solutions to the business sector.