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Android Vs. iOS: Which is better for you?

It is best to stick with the platform your present phone uses when upgrading to a new phone. Switching to a new OS, you will have a hard time learning its interface along with losing access to all your application-specific data, purchased apps, and at times even photos and videos.

However, if you are considering a switch anyway, we have some insight into the difference between iOS and Android.

What Makes iOS Better?

Fast Software Update

One of the biggest advantages iOS has over Android is software updates. Apple devices usually support iOS updates for six to seven years after they’re launched. This means that you get new apps and features, new video and image format support and security protocol, and patches for online or offline security threats.

Additional Value

Due to a longer Apple support, you can hand down your iOS device to anyone in your family or friends without the tension of security risk or app compatibility. Moreover, iOS devices hold a better resale value as compared to Android devices.

Reliable Customer Support

Having a software or hardware problem resolved even in an old iOS device is comparatively easy due to Apple’s dedicated website and support app. A feature that is still missing in most android devices.

Better App Selection

Apple’s app store offers a larger collection of applications than Google’s Playstore. Moreover, most games and apps often come first at the iOS platform, as application developers tend to earn more over iOS platforms.

What Makes Android Better?

Economical Option

iOS has many advantages over Android, but it may not be the best option for everyone. Although the best android phones cost roughly as much as an iPhone, you can easily get a great android device in half or even a quarter the price of an iPhone.

Hardware Diversity

The success of Android devices lies in their hardware. Android devices have historically been superior than their iOS counterparts in terms of hardware.

They generally have more powerful processors, more storage space, larger batteries, and so on. If your preferred phone feature is removed on a newer variant, for instance, a headphone jack, you can find it on a different phone supporting the same operating system.

More Customization

Although iOS has many strengths, customization isn’t one of them. But with Android, you can even customize the image for your app icons. Android also allows you to choose from third-party apps for handling different tasks or file types.

Storage Options

Unlike Apple devices, many android phones are compatible with external storage. All you have to do is add a microSD card to the device, and you have more space for photos, videos, and apps.

There is no winner between any of these operating systems. However, the preference may vary from person to person. Moreover, a small problem with your phone may give you performance issues.

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