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Android vs. iOS: Which Mobile Operating System is Best For You?

Whenever someone sets out to purchase a new smartphone, the only two mobile operating systems that they consider are Android or iOS, and why wouldn’t they be?

Both operating systems combined control more than 99% of the smartphone market share.

Here’s a guide that’ll help you decide which OS is best for you:


Android allows you to change a great deal about the phone’s software, from the widgets to the icons and more. There’s also a passionate community of Android users who spend their time making software upgrades.

With iOS, the experience is defined more by how Apple pre-sets it. Though they finally allowed widgets in the last major update, iOS is still restrictive compared to Android. Therefore, you get a more consistent experience across all iOS devices.

Ultimately, it comes down to the difference between being an enthusiast and utilitarian.


iOS devices are only produced by Apple, while is almost every other smartphone uses Android.

Samsung announced over 60 smartphones in 2020 alone, while Apple’s entire 2020 line-up consisted of 5 phones, the highest it’s ever released in a single year.

There are over 1300 brands that make Android phones, and over 24000 Android devices were active in an year alone.

The options from Android are virtually endless, while iOS offers less than ten devices at any one time.


The benefit of purchasing an Apple device is that it’ll work with all your other Apple devices allowing your iPhone to work seamlessly with MacBooks, iPads, Airpods, etc. Software such as AirDrop, iCloud, and hand-off work together to make it a cohesive experience.

With you can set up your Android to work with your Windows laptop, the ecosystem isn’t as far-reaching as Apple’s. That’s one of the advantages that Apple has on its products.


Apple’s philosophy enables accessory makers worldwide to design more products for iPhones, as they know there’ll be more demand for them.

Think about it: if you had the choice to make accessories for one device that you knew will sell tens of millions of units and another that would struggle to go over a million, which would you choose?

The fact that these accessories work on multiple devices makes it an even better proposition for accessory makers.


With fewer devices, Apple can afford to spend more time developing updates for every one of them.

An example of this is that at least 72% of all Apple devices are using the latest version of iOS, while only 25% of Android devices are running the latest version of the OS.

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