Anker Power Extender 4 Strip With USBPorts Extension Cord Hub -whit

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A USB-C port, 2 USBports, and 3 AC outlets provide power and charging for up to 6 devices from a single wall outlet.

High-Speed USBCharging

Deliver an optimized 30W charge to phones, tablets and more with USB-C Power Delivery, and Anker’s world-renowned PowerIQ technology delivers 12W via the 2 USB-A ports.

Superior Safety

The USB-C power strip is designed with surge protection, overload protection, a fire-resistant casing, and a safety switch to keep you and your devices completely safe.

Room for All

Extra space between each AC outlet provides room for larger plugs, and the space-saving 45° plug design keeps the other wall outlets free.
What You Get: PowerPort Strip PD 3 USB-C power strip with 6 ft cable, welcome guide, worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

Big Expansion

4 AC outlets and 2 USBcharging ports - 12W total USBoutput allow you to power up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Superior Safety

Equipped with surge protection plus a wide range of other safety features including overload protection, a fire-resistant casing, safety shutters, and more to keep you and your devices safe.

AdvANCed Charging Technology

This extension lead delivers an optimized charge to USBdevices using Anker's exclusive PowerIQ charging technology.

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