Galaxy Z Fold4


Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G

Get twice the storage for the same priceand 1-year Samsung Care+

Stands out. Stands up. Unfolds.

Does a lot in one hand with its 6.2-inch Cover Screen.1 In both hands, the 7.6-inch Main Screen makes it your ultimate do-more device.2 And when you need to go hands-free, simply set it down, find a good angle and leave it there while you get more done.3

A new spin on slim

Shorter, thinner and lighter than the last Fold, Galaxy Z Fold4 fits into pockets like a dream.

Work smarter

Wipe out tasks in fewer taps. Add apps to the Taskbar, your multitasking secret weapon, for quick navigation and bouncing between windows when you're in the groove.7 And with App Pair, one tap launches up to three apps, all sharing one super-productive screen.8

Work without limitations

Efficiently manage your business on one flexible device and take your productivity to the next level.


A one-stop content shop

It’s basically two phones in one — with nearly the weight of a less-flexible phone. Slimmed down everywhere but the screen, minimized bezels and lightweight materials make this Fold even more pocket-friendly.


Finishes with finesse