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How 5G is Shaping Up eSports and Gaming

The number of professional gamers around the world is increasing every day. The eSports industry is growing exponentially every year. As it increases in size, it’s attracting more players, companies, platforms, and investments to it.

5G is one of the major factors behind the impressive growth of the eSports industry. As one of the most exciting technological innovations of our time, 5G has brought great changes for communication and connectivity.

The eSports industry is wisely harnessing the power of 5G in a number of ways for superb results. Here’s how:

The Link Between 5G and Gaming

Gamers who want to make the jump from casual to professional gaming have their work cut out for them. They need hundreds of practice hours before they can even consider signing up for a small, local competition.

It can take years for a gamer to make it to an international tournament. Such tournaments attract the crème de la crème. The top players from different countries compete against each other for a shot at gaming glory.

To achieve this level of skill, it’s essential for gamers to have a steady and fast connection that’s supported by reliable infrastructure.

Since 5G boasts speeds as fast as 10 Gb/s, it provides players with a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. It considerably brings down response times and increases the pleasure of gaming.

A Better Spectacle

Before the coronavirus pandemic and its challenges, gaming tournaments would attract hundreds of thousands of people.

Gaming tournaments are a cross between a live concert and a major sporting event, as enthusiasts gather to watch highly skilled gamers compete against one another in real time.

5G and its high speeds unlock a lot of potential for gaming tournaments. For starters, organizers can add interactive visual elements to high-definition gaming streams.

Interactivity increases audience participation and gives them a more immersive experience.

5G can also readily accommodate other technologies without affecting the speed or performance of the gameplay itself.

With Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), playing a game—or even watching it—takes on a thrilling new aspect.

What the Future Holds

Two phenomena hold the key to the future of 5G and gaming.

First, the push toward cloud computing that’s transforming industries everywhere. It will make its way to the gaming industry sooner rather than later.

Second, the rise of streaming services and the new paradigm of consuming audiovisual content on the go. In the not-so-distant future, this could mean that games will be ‘streamed’ and playable on demand.

It’ll eliminate the need for consoles and specialized equipment, bringing the focus to high-performance mobile devices (such as tablets) and cloud-based gaming.

The eSports and gaming industry has always been a blend of innovation, entertainment, and technology.

Capitalizing on 5G is the right move to ensure a more rewarding experience for players and audiences alike.

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