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How and Where To Get Your iPhone Repaired in Qatar

Surveys show that people claim that nearly 25% of iPhones have cracked scenes. So the question is, how and where can one get their iPhone repaired in Qatar? Read on to find out:

Is Apple Officially Available In Qatar?

Apple does not have an official presence in Qatar, and currently, there are no known plans for its expansion to the country. As stated on its website, the company sells products and provides services via its authorized retailers and service centers.

What About Parts and Warranty?

Apple compensates for its lack of official presence by providing official repair parts to its service providers and backing their services with a warranty.

They recently made it easier for independent shop owners to get access to genuine parts.

The terms have been made better for shop owners, too, as they don’t have to pay Apple a hefty fees to participate in the program.

However, this option is only available in the US for now. It will be expanding to other countries sometime in the future.

What Are Authorized Service Centers?

Apple has approved certain authorized service centers to provide services to Apple customers.

With a company like Apple backing them up, you can rest assured that the service will be up to par.

The warranty that comes with the devices will last up to 90 days to ensure that the product has been appropriately serviced.

Can I Get My iPhone Repaired From a Local Store?

There are plenty of ways to get your iPhone repaired by someone who doesn’t have authorization. However, it is important to know that this way, your iPhone experience will not be genuine anymore as Apple only provides parts to authorized stores as for now.

You can get your iPhone repaired and back to working condition this way, but it’s not a recommended practice.

What’s the Harm In Getting Counterfeit Parts?

Counterfeit parts are those that aren’t approved by Apple. These parts haven’t gone through the QA processes that your phone’s original parts went through. They’re a rough approximation of the phone’s original parts and can go dangerously wrong.

You may end up losing the money you spent on these low-quality products. For instance, an unoriginal battery may stop functioning after a few months.

Using counterfeit parts can also severely affect your phone’s selling price. Apple also makes sure that the phone’s settings lets the user know when a display is counterfeit.

Get Original Apple Parts in Qatar

If you’ve broken your iPhone and are looking to get it fixed in Qatar, get in touch with Qatar Mobile.

We’ve provided tech services in Doha since 1994 and have since been authorized by not just Apple but also Samsung, HTC, and Blu. You can avail our services by filling out a form on our website or giving us a call.

You can also buy smartphones online from our multi-vendor store.


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