How Samsung One UI Is Different Than other Android Smartphones

All smartphones have a unique User Interface. Most smart manufacturers tweak the UI to give it a personalized look that resonates with the brand. Samsung does the same. It changes and plays around with its UI every year to personalize it for its smartphones. Samsung’s UI is known as Samsung One.

If you’ve ever compared a Samsung phone with another android phone, you might have felt that Samsung’s UI is much better looking. But that’s not all! Here is how Samsung One UI is better than the rest.

Dual Messenger

The One UI can allow users to have two different accounts on the same social media platforms. This means that people who wish to have an alternative or backup account can make one with the help of Samsung’s One UI. This is also a great feature for people with dual-sim phones as they can now create a second account using their other number.

Game Launcher

Ever been interrupted by calls while playing a game on your smartphone? We all know how annoying that can be. Samsung’s One UI has a built-in game launcher that can recognize that the user is currently playing a game, so it doesn’t allow any calls or messages to interrupt the game by temporarily closing it. It also helps in optimizing the game’s performance so the user can get the best quality and the smoothest experience.

A Secure Folder

The new UI comes with a new feature called the secure folder. This is a built-in vault for your private and sensitive information and content on your phone. Before this, users had to download a third-party application to hide such stuff that unnecessarily occupied space on your phone and made it slower. There was also a risk of a security breach from the application’s manufacturers.

With One UI, you don’t have to worry about your privacy being invaded. Samsung smartphones come equipped with the best security systems that make it very hard for people to crack.

Built-In Screen Recorder

This is the latest feature introduced in Android smartphones. Before, only the latest iPhones could screen record while using the phone. Samsung did the same and introduced the option of screen recording with their latest UI. Now Samsung users can also enjoy this feature which was once only available in iPhones.

Samsung always tries to give its user the most unique and best possible experience in every way possible. That’s why they have been at the top for such a long time. The unique features and quality of their phones are what set them apart from their competitors. Qatar Mobile should be their first choice if you or someone you know is looking to buy a Samsung smartphone.

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