How to Determine Between Authentic and Fake Smartphones and Accessories?

Smartphones and their accessories are some of the most in-demand gadgets out in the market. Due to this, it’s unavoidable for consumers to encounter bootlegs. According to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, counterfeit consumer electronics have been one of the most confiscated items.

With all these bootlegs available in the market, the temptation to purchase them intensifies as they are always less expensive to sell and make. However, when it comes to performance and quality, these replicas are never as good as their authentic counterparts. Keeping these caveats in mind, it’s best to avoid bootleg products. Here is how you can identify fake accessories and smartphones.

Spotting Fake Smartphones

1.     Appearance

Check the screen size and aspect ratio. Bootleg devices have a comparatively smaller aspect ratio and screen size than the original ones. When purchasing an iPhone, make sure that the device has pentalobe security screws as Apple only uses these screws to provide a tamper-proof system.

2.     Use Test Codes for Android

By dialing *#0*#, you can access the “test mode” on a Samsung device. You can find the list of available sensors on the phone, allowing you to check if a part is missing. An original device will have all the parts and sensors that are mentioned on its box.

3.     Verify IMEI or Serial Number

Dialing *#06# on the phone will display the IMEI or the serial number of your device on the screen. In the case of an iPhone, you can verify if the device is the real deal by checking the serial number on the official Apple website. If you are buying an android device, you can call their local dealer to check if the IMEI number is registered in their database.

Spotting Fake Accessories

MFi Logos For iPhone

Look for the MFi logos on the packaging of Apple accessories. All the Apple-approved third-party vendors will always put it in the box. Moreover, original Apple accessories also have a twelve-digit serial number followed by the label.

These are some of the most crucial things to check when buying a new gadget. It is advisable to prepare yourself before you buy a device. Having to know these references will not only save you from buying bootlegs but will also save your precious time.

You can also entirely minimize the risk of getting a replica if you buy your smartphones and accessories from a reliable distributor. Along with getting a genuine product, you will also get a full warranty and better customer service. 

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