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How to Tackle the Water Damage if You Dropped Your Phone in Water?

The jarring realization of dropping your smartphone in water is matchless. If you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate scenario, you’ll need to act immediately to save your smartphone from permanent water damage. Here are steps you should take to protect your phone from permanent water damage.

Get Your Smartphone Out of the Water

You can accidentally spill a glass of water on your phone, or your toddler may through it into the bathtub considering it a floating toy. Regardless of the scenario, the first thing you should do is get your phone out of the water as quickly as you can. It may take a couple of seconds for the water to enter your phone.

Removing your phone from the water will give you a  better chance of reversing or preventing damage if you stop the water from entering your phone—every second counts in this situation.

Turn Off Your Device

Turn off your device immediately after retrieving it. This is to stop the power to flow through the device. Water is a great conductor and can conduct electrical signals to the most delicate parts of your phone. Turning off your phone will reduce the chances of a short circuit.

Remove Internal Components

Take off the protective case wrapped around your phone. Your sim is inside the sim tray;take that out as well. Take even your micro SD card out. If your phone has removable internal components like a back cover or a battery, detach them and dry them separately.

Unfortunately, most of the high-end phones these days don’t come with detachable components. Skip this step for them.

Wipe Off the Water

Take a dry and clean piece of preferably a highly absorbent cloth or towel and gently dab all the water droplets on your phone. Be gentle!

Don’t push the liquid into your phone instead of absorbing it into the cloth. Be extra cautious while treating any openings like speakers or headphone jacks. If you have opened your device to remove its battery, be extra careful to avoid any spreading of the water around.

What Not To Do?

Never shake your phone or blow into it to remove water. This can worsen the condition of your phone by pushing the liquid even further into the internal parts and circuits of your phone. More importantly, never put your phone into the microwave or oven.

With a little luck, you can save your smartphone by following these steps. But water damage, at times, is so intense that it can damage your phone immediately.

A damaged phone may fail to operate entirely, but fortunately, it can be repaired in most cases. However, getting your phone repaired by non-certified technicians or installing fake and cheap parts can permanently damage your phone.

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