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How Vodafone is Changing the World of Telecommunications

It is difficult to think of a technology that has affected the modern orb more than a smartphone. Millions of us daily use a single device to take videos and photos, share videos and photos, talk with friends, check email, and even get driving directions. Without a doubt, smartphones have been a global revolution.

Being one of the leading telecommunication companies globally, Vodafone connects nearly 300 million people throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and around the orb. 

Company leaders wholeheartedly believe that future communication will keep transforming our lives. Vodafone is already in the process for this tomorrow by making notable changes- and they are beginning from within.

Seeking Consistency

The CIO of Corporate Information System at Vodafone, Ignacio Garcia, stated that their company had experienced growth in recent years by expanding to new geographical locations and enhance its services portfolio. He further explained that this was majorly done through making acquisitions in different markets.

However, these newly incorporated companies had different business practices. In order to operate as a single multinational organization and enhancing innovation across the entire company, Vodafone felt the need to operate with a continuous, digital-first focus.

Realization of this thought led to some major changes in the company. The company migrated from its disparate and complex ERP environment and shifted to a single digital core.

This core was based on SAP S/4HANA. This was such a massive transformation that it covered more than 20 countries

Driving Needed Change

The single digital core environment project impacted Vodafone’s operations hugely. Vodafone now has a single standard data model across the footprint. Eventually, this will simplify the workplace for more than a hundred thousand employees that work for Vodafone by digitizing business sectors such as travel and expense, supply chain, and human resources.

It is estimated that Vodafone has boosted its automation level to more than 60% and standardized over 80% of its core business operations. In addition, Ignacio Garcia notes that capabilities like advanced analytics and machine learning will help the company develop a new generation of services and products.

A Digital Future.

Vodafone is looking ahead to achieve specified goals for enhancing lives. So it won’t be wrong to say that innovation will be of great importance. For instance, by the year 2025, the company wants to:

  • Connect more than 50 million people along with their families to mobile monitory services
  • Provide mobile phones fone to 20 million additional women in Turkey and Africa
  • Support nearly 10 million young individuals in learning digital skills that are required to thrive in the modern economy
  • Connect IoT to 150 million vehicles

Vodafone is assertive that transformation in the present will enable businesses to build a digitally inclined future that is beneficial for everyone.

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