Major Differences Between Apple and Android Smartphones

The iPhone VS. Android debate is one for the centuries.

With die hard Apple fans rooting for the newest iPhone and updates and newer technology bringing fast paced changed in both phones, there’s little left to be desired in terms of features from both.

Here are some of the major differences between the two phones to help you make your decision!


Android is by far more customizable than an iPhone. iPhone barely offers any personalized features, unless it’s jailbroken.

File Transfer

Android file transfer is much easier and more efficient than using iOS. Files can be transferred using a USB port and File Transfer desktop app for Androids, and also through Bluetooth.

Media files on iOS can be transferred using iTunes, making it more limited.

Calls and Messaging

Android phones require third-party apps for online messaging, such as WhatsApp, Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom. iPhone offers iMessage and FaceTime, which is compatible with other iOS devices, along with all the other third-party options that Android offers.


In terms of battery life, Android batteries are much longer lasting as they’re larger. Apple batteries don’t last as long, however newer updates have prolonged battery life in general.


iOS and Android have very similar features in terms of interface. However, Android allows for different widgets and auto-update features such as weather and mail.

Exclusive Features

In terms of exclusive features, Apple far outweighs Android. With iMessage, one can send SMS and iOS supported messages, AirDrop allows for easy access to Bluetooth with other Apple devices, and easy software updates.

Importing data from one iPhone to another is very efficient, Apple also offers offloading apps, and has a “share WiFi password” feature as well.

Android, on the other hand, allows for more customizability in terms of homescreen. It has more storage options since SD cards can be added, and allows multiple users to use guest accounts. It also has a split-screen feature, which is only supported in iPads with iOS.

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