Porodo Fast Wireless Charging Station 4 In 1 75w/10w

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  • Compact and 4 in 1 with only one gadget you can do what four gadgets do compatible for iPhone Lightning Devices, AirPods 1/2 & AirPods Pro, embedded watch magnetic charger suitable for Apple Watch. Fast Wireless Charging Station is 4 In 1. It is fast charge.

  • It means that your devices Deliver the fastest possible charge so that you can stay unplugged for longer. It makes you Ensures complete protection for you and your devices. You can charge watch, Phone, and AirPods simultaneously at the same time. It is compatible with Airpods Pro and Airpods 1/2.

  • It can support mobile charging horizontally and vertically, charge your phone and watch your favorite series or movie at the same time. you can find one USB-A and one USB-C on the backside of this product which lets you connect your devices by cable, also in the fast charging mood.

  • If you are looking for a charger station that can charge multiple devices simultaneously, you can definitely count on this product.

  • With this charging station, you can charge, apple watch, EarPods, and smartphones that support wireless charging. It has been crafted in a way to stay scratch resistant with ABS + PC + Rubber Coating.

  • For a better charging process, it is good to notice that the protection case of the devices be less than 3mm otherwise remove the protector to get the best functionality.

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