Porodo Lifestyle Full HD Portable Projector 2600mAh

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Full HD Portable Projector

Porodo Lifestyle Full HD Portable Projector comes with a 2600mAh battery and it is compatible with the Android operating system which can be compatible with the application then you can share your phone screen through this portable projector. It can display up to 100 inches. You can find the wireless mirroring opportunity in this portable projector thus it has 1 GB DDR3 RAM. You can find three kinds of ports in this projector which are USB, HDMI, 3.5 AUX. you can use this projector for up to 70 min playtime.

Projection Mode:

At the main page, select setting-projection

Image Setting can choose Front projection /rear-projection/up-side, down front projection upside-down rear projection.

Bluetooth Settings

At the main page, select settings—Bluetooth settings, press OK to turn on Bluetooth, choose the device to be paired, and then select the return key to exit.

then the projector will be visible for the other devices to be connected.

Application Settings

On the main page, select settings—APP, Press OK to enter the application Settings interface, and select the corresponding application for opening/uninstalling operations.

Network Settings

At the main page, select settings—network settings—WIFl settings, press OK enter WIFI settings.

Select the WIFI you want to connect, press OK enter settings, the password entry box will pop up, enter the password to connect, and press the return key can exit the WLAN interface.

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