Charger-2021 Power

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  • Great power for great speed
  • The right length for your lifestyle
  • Designed to just work
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Great power for great speed

Enjoy fast charging and fast data transmission — at the same time. With up to 60W power delivery (20V/3A), up to 25W Super Fast Charging and USB 2.0 data transfer speeds up to 480 Mb/s, you don’t have to switch cables for optimized performance.

The right length for your lifestyle

Ditch the short cords that keep you tethered down. Measuring 1.8 meters, you can plug in and move more freely, whether at home or in the office.

Designed to just work

Start charging your device or transferring data with quickness and ease. There are USB-C connectors on both ends, so you don’t need to double-check how you’re plugging in.


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