Qatar Mobile Bags Samsung’s Prestigious Awards for Two Consecutive Years .

It is no more a breaking news that Qatar Mobile, a leading mobile service center in Qatar and the Middle East bagged the prestigious “Certificate for achievement” from Samsung at the 2018 edition of the Samsung general awards.

The award which was the highpoint of the Samsung yearly awards had come quite as expected, with the innovative company paying honor to as many customers, distributors, and service points as deserved different awards and certificates.

The 2018 edition of the prestigious Samsung award was a moment of reflection, thoughts, and celebrations as corporate organizations were awarded based on the efforts they’ve put into their services. The event featured panel sessions, with big players in the mobile industry all present to teach a few new tricks in offering better customer service in the mobile industry.

When being interviewed, one of the industry’s top players and an honorable member of the panel of awards revealed that the certificate was an affirmation of the efforts of Qatar Mobile towards seeking innovative ways to serve its customers better.

One of the company’s biggest value is innovation, and that is why over time, it has leveraged on the latest technologies to ensure that the needs of customers as long as mobile service in Qatar is concerned are met. The 2018 award was indeed a proof of the level of creativity and innovation that the entire team at Qatar Mobile have put into working to ensure that customers are duly served.

2018 was, however, not the beginning of the much talked about breakthrough for the company, as it has been picking up numerous awards over time. In 2017, for instance, the company still got a certificate of achievement from Samsung for all its efforts. So it’s not too difficult to see how much effort Qatar Mobile is putting in to maintain its status as the best mobile service center in Qatar.

To a lot of commentators in the mobile service industry, the series of awards and certificates being bagged by Qatar Mobile over the last few years didn’t come as a surprise. They are, in fact, well deserved. If you know the company and all that it has done to ensure that it remains on top of the line in offering mobile service in Qatar, then you will know without a doubt that it is an honor well deserved.

Over time, Qatar mobile has proven to be remarkable as a mobile service center in Qatar in the level of importance it pays to delivering its services as well as the level of esteem it holds each of its customers in. No wonder apart from the awards and certificates, even non-corporate users are applauding the mobile service center for its level of professionalism in all its dealings.

Qatar Mobile service center has proven it’s worth on the local mobile scene, but will soon move to show it’s worth in the international stage as expected and predicted.


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