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What types of smartphones do you repair?

We are authorized to repair ‘ Samsung , apple , ,HTC , Alcatel , Motorola and Vodafone branded (Internet Routers & MiFi device Huawei , Nokia , Inseego , HTC ) ETC…

I tried repairing my smartphone myself, can I still bring it in for repair or diagnostic?

Yes, no problem, please walk in to the store and bring your device, or request a device pickup

I have multiple issues with my smartphone, can I get a deal on multiple repairs?

Yes you can, give us a call and describe your problem and we will see what we could do for you.

Do I have to include my passcode with my phone?

It is recommended. We need the passcode in order to test your phone after the repair. If you do not wish to provide your passcode, certain phone functions won’t be tested such us camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, and therefore can’t be verified by us to work.

Do you need my SIM card?

No we do not need your SIM card but without it we cannot fully test your device.

What should I do if my device falls in water or another liquid?

Do not turn on your device. It’s best if you bring it the next day or even the same day, as we will have a better chance of repairing it. Of course if you can’t make it to one of our locations, try to dry it out, then bring to one of our locations.
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