We are absolutely ready to grow our operation beyond the bounds and invest in successful brands

For 26 years now, we've been able to partner with top brands in the mobile industry, working with them all along as the best partners they could ever dream of. We greatly value long term relationship, both with clients and our partners.

Mobile Distribution

We are recognised as the go-to partner for the world’s leading brands to take their mobile devices to market. For our B2B, online and retail customers, we offer single source access to a broad portfolio of smartphone, tablets and companion products.we've become a key distributor to most of the big box retailers in Qatar, helping them reach their desired market in Qatar.Most clients choose to work with us on wholesale level because of how well we can blend flexibility, excellent customer support, and the most competitive prices to help customers reach their goals.

Enterprise channel partner(Vodafone)

We are Vodafone Enterprise Channel Partner selling postpaid, broadband for government, large corporations and SME.we can help you buy the best communications solutions to meet your needs.we can also ensure your communications services integrate with your IT and other services. If you want to improve your business efficiency and competitiveness, we could be just what you need.We QatarMobile are trusted, influential, responsive and knowledgeable.

Authorized service center.
For Samsung / Vodafone

We are authorized service center for Samsung also authorized to service iphone through Vodafone Qatar.We began as an exclusive distributor of Motorola device at the start of the mobile industry explosion and with the right level of dedication to service, hard work and constant desire to improve, we've gradually grown into a top force in the Qatar mobile service industry.
We carved our vision out of a desire to diligently serve mobile users in Qatar and that's why throughout the decades of our existence, we've been able to prove to existing and potential repairers that we are the best mobile service center in Qatar.

We are go-to partner for innovative brands wanting to take their VR/AR products to market.

We continue to work with some of the leading players in this space to build a portfolio aimed clearly at our enterprise Customers. From healthcare to universities , construction to real estate, there continues to be an infinite number of markets that are and continue to show commercial benefits from deploying VR/AR solutions.

Pico Interactive

We are partnered with Pico( Best-in-class design. Built with Enterprise in mind.)Pico's VR Headsets are designed to perform at the highest level of All-in-One (AIO) solutions for Enterprise. The latest VR technology headsets which do away with the need for PC's, Phones or Wired connections.This simple and easy to use design approach means business customers can deploy their VR apps to their users with a much lower management overhead and with a very low barrier to user engagement. With Pico, it's as simple as picking it up and putting it on.


Qatar mobile is partnered with the first enterprise product to enable anyone in a company to quickly and easily create Vr Presentation . Creating VR content-based presentations, training and any immersive experiences has never been easier. Presenters can rapidly create VRtuoso slides with 360° and two-dimensional content, like video, images, text, shapes and polls. VRtuoso is the PowerPoint for VR and much more.designed to work will all existing VR Headset .

Victory XR AR/VR

We are partnered with a world leader in virtual reality and augmented reality educational product development. To date, there are over 240 unique VR & AR experiences spanning more than 50 different learning units.VicrtoryXR has won acclaim from HTC at the Viveport Developer Awards, where it was named Best Educational VR software, and has been given high praise by both GearBrain and SyFy.

We have dedicated team with an expertise in VR development, 3d modeling and animation.