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The Revival of HTC: A Look At The Highly-Anticipated HTC U20 5G And Htc Desire 20 Pro

Do you guys remember a mobile phone company with the name “HTC”? There is no blame on you if you don’t. However, What was once a brand that went shoulder to shoulder with Samsung in terms of creativity and innovation in android OS, now is merely a shadow of its former self.

HTC was also the smartphone OEM that created the first members-only community for its loyal customers called HTC Elevate, several years before OnePlus or Xiaomi even came into the picture.

HTC is now aiming for a revival. The company has launched two mid-range phones primarily for the Taiwanese market and now for the middle eastern market as well. Here’s a brief overview of the HTC U20 5G and the HTC Desire 20 Pro.

HTC U20 5G

We’ve been hearing rumors since the beginning of 2020 about HTC making a 5G smartphone. It’s a mid-range phone, and all its specs hover around this statement. The device is launched only for selective markets, for now, so the specs are in accordance with the markets.

A stand-out feature for this device is its size, all appreciations to the 6.8″ display. What makes the display more unique are the bezels that are thin on three sides and noticeable around the phone’s chin.

The phone is amongst one of the heaviest phones released in 2020, with 215g of weight. However, the bulk is justified by the inclusion of a powerful 5000 mAh battery. Along with a huge battery, the 5G compatible hardware also adds some weight to the phone. 

Fortunately, you get some decent specifications out of the box. The phone is loaded with QUALCOMM Snapdragon 765G SoC processor along with 256 GB storage and  6 or 8 Gb ram to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.

Htc has played it safe by integrating a rear fingerprint scanner as screen integrated fingerprint scanners are expensive, and side fingerprint scanners aren’t that durable. The device’s camera setup isn’t top-notch, but a 48 MP quad-camera is comparatively modest for this price range. 

HTC Desire 20 Pro

Most of the specs for this device were already leaked prior to its release, so there is not much to talk about. The design for Desire 20 Pro is quite impressive, as the back pattern gives it an unmatched identity.

Coming to the processor, the device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Soc, which is a little outdated.

This device isn’t 5G supported, but that isn’t that big of an issue for the market this device is targeting. Fortunately, the phone is compatible with a 3.5mm headphone jack which isn’t available with most modern phones.

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