What Makes Apple and Samsung Smartphones So Popular

Without a doubt, Samsung and Apple are the giants of the smartphone industry. With the help of their innovations, they have left every other smartphone manufacturer miles behind. Both of these tech giants started from humble beginnings. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and his partners in a garage, while Samsung started as a grocery store selling noodles and dried fish back in 1938.

Both companies are industry leaders now and enjoy the highest customer base amongst their competitors. Let’s take a closer look.

Samsung and AppleSuperior Branding Strategies

Brand strategies and brand positioning play a big role in making your brand bigger and popular. They geniuses when it comes to branding strategies, and no brand comes close to these two brands when it comes to customer loyalty. You will rarely find people who switch from Apple to Android and the ones that do become Samsung users.

Apple hit an all-time high of 92% in customer retention in 2021, with Samsung coming in second with 74%.

Superior Technology

One of the biggest reasons these two brands were able to become successful was their advancement in the field of technology. R&D is a very important department in any company. This department is solely responsible for coming up with innovations that help companies gain a competitive advantage over each other.

They have a lot of capital, this allowed them to invest in their R&D heavily, and they were successful in producing the latest cutting-edge technology year in, year out.

Superior Quality Products

If you ever use smartphones made by Apple and Samsung and then use a smartphone made by some other manufacturer, you can immediately tell the difference in the quality. Apple and Samsung smartphones are equipped with the latest chips and technology, making them far more superior than other smartphones. The UI, processor, camera, and features are a class above, and the user experience seals the deal for them.


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