Anker Eufy Indoor Security Camera 2K

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Security Camera,

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Detects pets, and humans, in an instant.

Know When You Are Needed

The built-in AI notifies you of excessive noise levels so you know when your little one needs some attention.

Instant Detection

As soon as motion is detected the camera will start recording and push a notification in case you want to see what is happening.

Activity Zones

Only receive the alerts which matter. Customize the area in which detection takes place to suit your home.

Sight at Night

Keep an eye on any room, even in low light settings.

Communicate From Your Camera

Speak in real-time to anyone who passes via the camera’s built in two-way audio.

Instant Mobile Alerts

Notifies you in seconds when suspicious motions are detected.

Push notifications with thumbnail previews require thumbnail preview images to be temporarily stored in the cloud.

Dual Storage Options

Store your data and recordings locally or in the cloud.

Follows the Action

When motion is detected the camera automatically tracks and follows the moving object.

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