BLU G50 Mega - 32GB - Android SmartPhone - Black

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Blu SmartPhone,

From The Manufacturer

The G50 MEGA showcase a pixel perfect 6.5" infinity display with a 270ppi resolution that project crystal clear images. Your eyes will thank you.

Designed for the best

The G50 MEGA reflects its beautiful nature to emphasize its stunning design with awesome hues. It is also the perfect size to match the perfect user.

Built for greatness

1.6GHz Octa-Core processor for a powerful CPU that is efficient and flawless. Based on the ARM CORTEX-A55 chipset that is built for success.

Great Cameras

Don't miss a moment with friend's and family. With the G50 MEGA, capturing those images are easy with a Dual 12 Megapixel + 12 Megapixel Depth Sensor that will make incredible portraits mode pictures.

Juiced up!

4,000mAh battery to provide all the energy you need all day long. Stream all your movie, conquer the game, or just surf the internet, you'll have more than enough battery to last. An did we mention Type-C Quick charger? Yeah it's a winner.

Unlocked your world

Unlocked your G50 MEGA with the touch of a finger. Keep all your files and information secure and private.

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