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Vacuum sealer machine with 28cm length and touch panel for sealing food and other items, the Vacuum Sealer has two modes which are vacuum and normal mode seal, with the moisture-proof ability you can be sure about your sealing also touch panel design, will make the vacuum sealer stylish and look great.
With the touch panel, you can easily set order and sense modern technology. It is designed to be moister proof sealing which means that the moister can’t make any damage to this product.

Vacuum seal key

When the upper cover is not closed, click - vacuum seal. Then the vacuum pump is opened and closed after 3 minutes of continuous operation. If need To start again, click again. The internal vacuum is pumped automatically when the upper cover - standby/cANCel indicator light is on for breathing When the internal pressure reaches the corresponding negative, automatic heating sealing.

Single seal key

This function is for manual heating wire heating sealing, the use condition is to cover the top cover,
- standby/cANCel indicator light breathing can be used. The heating wire works for 1.5 seconds; The cooldown is 2 seconds.

Key points to move

The function is manual ventilation, light touch - inching switch, vacuum pump open, close after leaving;
A function for manually controlling the amount of air pumped.

Standby/cANCel key

When the button is always on, it indicates that the device has been powered on and can work normally.
When the indicator light is on for breathing, it means that the upper cover has been closed. If the operation needs to be cANCeled during the automatic vacuum sealing operation, click this button to stop the work.

Twist off-key

The strengthening direction is to increase the vacuum pumping speed; The weakening direction is to decrease the vacuum pumping speed.

Heating Strip

The heat-resistant strip that is effectively protected by a high-temperature adhesive tape can achieve its sealing effect by pressing the freezer bag together with the bag pressing strip.

Pressing Bag strip

The auxiliary heating strip achieves the sealing effect of the freezer bag

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