Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700

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Xiaomi Electric Shaver S700

When shaving, of course you go for a perfect and tremendously smooth result, so you can show yourself off again with pride. The beautifully designed Xiaomi S700 Shaver makes this even easier. The powerful motor of 4.4 mN-m picks up every hair without any problems.

Its innovative ceramic blades provide a result like never before. These zirconia ceramic blades stay sharp much longer than standard blades on electric shavers. This greatly reduces the risk of damage or irritation to your skin. Furthermore, the ceramic blades are highly wear-resistant and are extra well protected against corrosion. 

Perfect shaving results 

The brushless motor of the S700 Shaver is incredibly quiet, which is especially nice early in the morning. So you can wake up quietly and don't risk waking up your partner with annoying noises from the shaver. Furthermore, the device features a new and innovative beard recognition system. The shaver itself recognizes how thick the growth of your beard is and optimally adjusts its work accordingly. So you get exactly the right effect and you can easily remove unwanted hairs without ruining your look.

The shaver head can rotate 360 degrees. Completely around its axis so that no areas remain unsightly. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose between three different shaving speeds: 3,100 rpm, 3,300 rpm or 3,500 rpm.. Your favorite setting is then remembered by the device. The handy icons on the display make it even easier to use. You can easily clean the S700 Shaver by Xiaomi by simply rinsing it off. Thanks to its IPX7 water resistance, the electric shaver is suitable for both wet and dry shaving. 

Always ready to use 

The beauty of the Xiaomi S700 Shaver is that it is always ready to use. This is partly because you can charge it in two different ways. The most practical is of course charging via the included charging station. This allows you to fully charge it in two hours. With a full battery you can shave for over an hour. Thanks to the intelligent temperature control, it prevents the device from heating up too much. Is the battery low exactly when you want to neatly trim your facial hair? Then simply connect the included Type C charging cable and continue shaving right away. 

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