Xiaomi Mi 5 Blade Electric Shaver

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Extraordinary performance
Confidence and calm throughout the day starts with the little details in the morning. The Mi 5-Blade Electric Shaver features an innovative linear magnetic suspension motor that delivers constant power to the omnidirectional floating head. These cutting-edge features give you more control for a cleaner, easier shave.

Five blade heads and three different blade shapes Trims any beard style in a single pass
Deep bionic foil shaver ×2Voronoi® (Thiessen Polygon)* ultra-thin foils are modelled after the polygonal pattern structure of a dragonfly's wing. Just 55μm thick, they precisely conform to the contours of your face. The blade cuts hairs at the root and distributes friction evenly as it slides across the skin, providing a smooth and comfortable shaving experience without extra effort.

Precision lifting blade ×1Reaches deep to cleanly cut curly and soft hairs growing close to the skin's surface.
Curved blades for long hairs ×2Features curved U-shaped slots to efficiently capture and cut hairs of all different lengths.
Omnidirectional floating shaver-heads Glides smoothly along your face
The innovative omnidirectional floating shaver heads are capable of tackling complex and variable facial contours. While the blade head flexes with each curve, the blade foil continuously adjusts to stick close to the skin as it moves, providing both efficiency and comfort.

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