Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub

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Wi-Fi Router,

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Smart Home Center

The gateway is the center of intelligent home appliances, it collects signals and sends commands to enable an intelligent connection between the products. The Zigbee protocol enables communication between the individual devices. Even if the WiFi at home is unstable or interrupted, the accessories can still function normally. The control is regular and the response is quick.

Supports three communication protocols

The multimode Smart Link Gateway supports three communication protocols: ZigBee, WLAN, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Mesh. It is also compatible with the smart home control center that is for Mijia Smart Link Center. A gateway can be compatible with the various previous protocols, making it easier to build a smart home and always have network anomalies carried out automatically.

Dual WiFi antenna structure

More stable signal and wider coverage, has built-in dual WiFi antennas, and uses MIMO 2 x 2 wireless technology. The signal is stronger, the penetration into the wall is better and the coverage is wider. The transmission range is up to 200 m in the test in an open environment.

Simple and light design

The slim and light housing saves space and the simple design makes the Multimode Smart Gateway so suitable, no matter where it is placed. The cover is made of UV-resistant material that doesn't fade easily.

Multiple Certification Tes

High-quality precision technology, multi-mode gateway has passed multiple certifications and tests. Also, it has passed multiple reliability tests to ensure the product lifespan.NOTE: AstPP address must be set to China before use.

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