Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9

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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9

Whole house cleaning solution

High-speed digital motorThe dust has nowhere to escape

Equipped with a high-speed digital motor, this vacuum cleaner works on all kinds of flooring to remove hidden dust. Lighten your load with efficient cleaning that leaves dust with nowhere to hide.

High torque floor brushRemove dust from deep cracks

The large-diameter and high-torque floor brush can remove the stubborn dust in the carpet. The V-shaped brush can penetrate deep into the uneven surfaces to pull out the fine dust while protecting the surface material. The unique roller design helps the vacuum cleaner move easily over the carpet and improves cleaning efficiency.

Rolling brush anti-winding systemReducing hair tangles

The V-shape brush design helps prevent hair tangles by reducing the amount of hair wrapping, together with the comb teeth shape design, which scrape off hair at the suction inlet.

Click in battery replacementExtended usage times

With one simple click, the battery can be easily replaced. No need to wait for it to charge. Replacement battery needs to be purchased separately.

Dual charging designCharge both batteries at the same time

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wall-mounted charging bracket for charging and storage. Take off to clean, put back to charge. The optional dual charging expansion slot can upgrade your charging bracket to charge two batteries simultaneously, so no more low-battery anxiety.

Multi-cyclone speration systemDust separation to prevent air duct cloggage

The high-efficiency multi-cyclone separation system generates a strong centrifugal force through the cyclone airflow, effectively throwing large particles to the bottom of the dust cup, quickly separating dust and air, ensuring smooth air circulation, and improving dust collection efficiency.

5-layer filtration to reduce secondary pollution

The high-efficiency multi-cyclone separation technology can effectively collect fine dust, thereby protecting the filter and preventing dust leakage.

Mini motorized brushClean dander, pet hair, etc.

Equipped with a high-speed mite removal brush, the strong suction power can get deep into the fibers of fabrics, effectively removing hair, fur and dander on bedding, sofas, and mattresses.

Crevice nozzleEasily clean in hidden corners

Easy access for those hard-to-clean spots. Keep every corner of your home immaculate with a vacuum cleaner that can access every nook and cranny.

2-in-1 brushClean beyond the floor

Easily clean your keyboard, sofa, bedsheets and more. The soft brush will not harm the furniture and effectively absorbs surface dust.

Large 0.6 liter dust cupRemovable design

The 0.6L large-volume dust cup can hold more dust at one time. You can separate the bin with a click to wash and clean.

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