Xiaomi Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum

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Xiaomi Truclean W10 Ultra Wet Dry Vacuum 

Truly clean in one go.

Soften stains at a high temperature

Equipped with an innovative high-temperature stain removal solution, the roller brush wipes the floor 15 times per second*, effectively disintegrates stubborn stains such as sauce, oil and rice.

Real-time self-cleaning The roller brush performs self-cleaning 15 times for every second of mopping

Equipped with the new self-cleaning system, the roller brush works with a real-time dynamic fresh water scraping. Every rotation is a new self-cleaning.

Triple cleaning power

Vacuum, mop and wash, a triple cleaning method can remove the dry and wet waste in one go.

55°C hot air drying

After the floor has been cleaned, put the main unit back into the base, and the roller brush will automatically wash itself in one touch with better results. After cleaning, hot air drying at 55°C to remove unpleasant odours and prevent mildew.

Full at all times Fill with 75°C hot water with one touch

Before use, the base automatically fills the main unit with water. 75°C high-temperature water can be selected with one touch*. The water is heated immediately, without waiting for a long time.

3L large water tank One water refill for one week's usage

The fully automatic cleaning base is equipped with a 3L high-capacity water tank. It can automatically fill the main unit with water almost 4 times, so that it can be used immediately to meet the cleaning needs for one week.

Equipped with a charging dock and free from wire constraints

It is a cleaning base and also a charging dock. It automatically charges the main unit once it has been placed.

Smart stain detection

The sensor detects the extent of the stain in real time and automatically adjusts water volume and suction, effectively extending the battery life, and deep cleaning without wasting water.

35-min long battery life

The battery life can last up to 35 minutes*, and with the standard 745ml clean water tank* and 640ml dirty water tank, even large homes can be cleaned without re-charging or re-filling.

Built-in traction

Cleaning the floor is as easy as walking. Twist the handle to push, pull and turn flexibly. Easily handle the areas near table legs and chair legs, the corners of sofas, and thoroughly sweep the floor of the entire home.
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