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Xiaomi Mi Smart Blender Uk

9-variable speed blending for delicate taste and rich nutrition.

Mixing, juicing, hot and cold dual-mode blending and crushing ice for the whole family

Blend hot or cold drinks as desired — make up to 1200mL of hot or 1600mL of cold drinks at one time. Prepare healthy smoothies, fresh juice and crushed ice with ease.

With 8 modes to choose from, you can make a rich variety of nutritious and delicious treats with one machine

The Xiaomi Smart Blender gives you the power to easily whip up delicious treats like refreshing smoothies, fresh juices, and tasty soups.

Operate by rotating and pressing the OLED knob, with 2 touch buttons for ease of use

Rotate the OLED knob to select the operating mode. The knob also functions as a display. Touch keys for Schedule and Cancel save you trouble with one-touch control.

The easy-to-use Manual mode lets you adjust the speed while blending

In Manual mode, you can adjust the speed setting as needed while blending. Rotate the knob to swiftly increase or decrease the speed for efficient blending.

Smart control with the App

Connect to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to schedule or start blending remotely, or send recipes from the cloud and unlock a world of nutritious and delicious treats. Cook freely, for great taste without interruption.

High Power Motor Added power delivers delicate flavour

The high power motor provides added torque to blend thoroughly and release the nutrients and flavour of ingredients, for delicious and delicate flavour.

Stable rotating speed regardless of high or low load, for consistent blending results

The variable frequency motor is equipped with a Hall sensor to monitor the speed in real time, and the power can be automatically adjusted according to the load to prevent deceleration under a high load and ensure reliable blending.

8 stainless steel blades provide multi-angle chopping and thorough blending

The thick, sharp, serrated stainless steel blades provide multi-angle chopping to blend even the toughest ingredients with ease.

The built-in bottom heating plate device makes heating and boiling easy

With 800–950W heating power, you can whip up hot drinks to warm yourself, and enjoy delicate flavours that are easy to digest.

High borosilicate glass jar for hot and cold usage The sturdy glass easily handles rapid cooling and heating

The durable jar with its large 1600mL volume can withstand rapid cooling and heating without cracking. Designed with four rib baffles to interrupt the vortex that forms during use, and ensure that ingredients are thoroughly blended.

Schedule for up to 12-hour in advance, up to 4-hour insulation

To prepare mellow morning soy milk before bed: add soybeans as desired, then add water and other ingredients, and schedule the start time. Fresh soy milk will be waiting for you when you wake up. Automatically keeps hot drinks warm, so your nutritious and delicious treats are always just right.

Cleaning mode

Just add water and start high speed cleaning, to save time and effort.
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