Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+

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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ 

Extreme cleaning, extraordinarily automated.

No washing pads or emptying the dustbin by hands

The fully automatic smart all-in-one station supports all-in-one multi-dimensional functions such as auto dust collection, pad washing, hot dry and refill. Dust collection frequency and mop cleaning modes can also be set for completely hands-free use.

Automatic pad washing Rotary scraping for superior results

The strong water flow blasts the cleaning tray and quickly soaks the pads, rotating and scraping at high speed to remove stains before automatic spin-drying, for hands-free spotless cleaning.

Dual air duct automatic dust collection

With the 17000Pa power fan and dual air duct dust collection design, the dustbin is emptied in 10 seconds*. The built-in 2.5L dust bag holds 60 binloads of dust.

2-hour quick hot air drying

Once the pads have been washed, the minimum 2-hour hot drying time guarantees damp-free, odour-free freshness.

Auto refill ensures consistent moisture level Remove stubborn stains, deeply clean floors

The all-in-one station refills the robot vacuum's water tank, maintaining pad moisture.

S-Mopping assistant™ The intelligent aid for linked refill management

The new S-Mopping assistant™ links the all-in-one station to the robot vacuum so that when the sensor detects that the level in the clean water tank is low, water is intelligently distributed to ensure uninterrupted mopping.

AI recognition+3D multidimensional obstacle avoidance

The all-new S-Cross AI™ Advanced 3D obstacle recognition and avoidance sensor system with millimetre-level* sensor precision supports object and environment identification, controlled cleaning motion and stable obstacle avoidance.

Precise AI camera Eye-like object recognition, flexible planning and cleaning

The Advanced AI camera uses an AI graphics algorithm to identify various obstacles on the floor and in rooms around the home. Flexible planning of avoidance paths and cleaning sequences, for smart home cleaning without manual intervention.

Laser navigation, whole-room scanning Smart route planning adapts to any environment

With industry-leading laser navigation technology, 360° scanning of indoor environments, the layout of the home is quickly mapped and cleaning paths are precisely planned without risk of light or environmental interference. 3D maps can be generated using the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, with clear 3D imaging at the touch of a button.

Ultrasonic carpet recognition, smart pad return for mop wash

Ultrasonic carpet recognition automatically raises the pads to avoid wet the carpet and turns on extra suction power while removing dust. Return for mop wash cycle will also trigger auto pad raise to avoid secondary contamination.

Rotating dual-pad pressure mopping

Dual-pad 180rpm* high speed rotation, 3 water volume settings, simulated manual pressure mopping*, 5 times more efficient cleaning power* to rid floors of coffee spills, dried mud and other stains. Quiet action with single-mop mode for low-noise cleaning so you can enjoy undisturbed sleep.

4000Pa powerful suction fan blower

Upgraded suction power with 4000Pa powerful suction fan blower*, 4 suction settings for dust, hair and crevices. Like a breath of fresh air for your floor to ensure comfortable, dust-free living.
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